Which Will Come First: Their Breakthrough or Our Breakdown? (Monday)

The great thing about medicine is that there are always breakthroughs on the horizon. And the great thing about having infertility is it's a huge industry with millions of other sufferers, okay, that part's not great... but because of the demand, there's research going on all the time. Is there funding for it all the time? I know when I was going through treatments, I felt like I was funding it all the time...single-handedly sometimes. Did my thousands go to researchers, receptionists, cotton ball salesmen, or to provide a lifetime supply of pizza lunches for the office staff? Couldn't tell ya. Maybe some women who started treatments around the time I did, unbeknownst to them, were designated by the staff to provide the lifetime supply of toppings: Nicknamed by the nurses as: "Pepperoni Patty" and "Mushroom Melanie".  

I know some great women, also in the infertility biz shall we call it... We were all discussing one day how we could get infertility on the map. What I mean is: Here's this sickness, illness, disease, epidemic, fkd up situation...all of the above...whatever you want to call it... that people are reluctant to talk about publicly. People are ashamed to say they have it... Famous people lie about having gone through it... It's a secret society with seven million members: A  few less than the population of Switzerland. 

What if Switzerland had no name. What could you say to people?: Oh there's this great place to ski, and buy watches and chocolate in western Europe. Just make a left at Austria. If you see France, you've gone too far.    

But I do believe that, for a variety of reasons, some of them maybe even noble ones, infertility is a popular ailment to find cures for. Lucky for us.

Like nobody jumps on the wart bandwagon. If you have a chronic wart, you're screwed. You may as well just buy gloves because nobody cares. Nobody wants to look at it. And nobody cares. If you have to have a specially made wedding band to fit over it, that's your problem.

So all of a sudden there are stories out about infertility breakthroughs which are here or fast approaching: A calculator of sorts to predict how successful you would be at IVF before actually giving it a shot (or giving yourself several shots..however you'd like to look at it.) Then there's new information about how to make obese women able be conceive easier. So there's a lot going on in the infertility labs that we'll be talking about this week.

My question is: Which will arrive first: Their infertility breakthroughs or our infertility breakdowns?

Listen, I gotta go. There's a big snowstorm coming and I have to run to the store to get emergency supplies:  Hot chocolate and HoHos.

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.