Why Do People Insist on Interviewing ME?

This week marks a special anniversary of sorts for me. This week, for the 1200th time in my life, my big mouth has gotten me into huge trouble. A couple of months ago, a woman had posted about a guest she was having on her blog radio talk radio blog show radio (I never remember what the hell they're really called). Her weekly show is about love and laughter. So the guest that week was going to be talking about how humor is therapeutic, so I tuned in. I was going along fine listening until the interviewee said something that arrived in my ear canal as: "And when I'm talking about humor, I don't mean 'jokes'. Jokes don't mean much. You just hear them and then a minute or two later you just forget about them." Well, needless to say: To a humor writer and former stand-up comic, thems are some fightin' words.

So I said to myself: "Lori, it's a live show. You're going to get yourself up, go up to that studio and give that interviewee a piece of your mind!" And if the studio hadn't been a thousand miles away in a different country and the show had been 24 hours long instead of an hour long, I might have. Instead I sent a hate-infused email.

Dear Maia Aziz,

How DARE YOU... I repeat: How DAAAARE YOOOU have on this person who mocks jokes?! Jokes are my life!! Jokes keep people from being angry!!! Jokes are funny!!! FUNNY I Say!! We would all be a society of nut jobs if it wasn't for JOKES!!

with love

Lori Shandle-Fox, Proud Humor Writer

Well, this Maia person answered me back. She sure did.

Dear Lori,

"Thank you for listening to my radio blog talk blog radio talk show talk. I think you would make an excellent guest. Would you like to be on my show?"

What? What just happened? Is she responding to the wrong email? Lori who? I just cyber got out of my car and squeezed my face into this woman's cracked open cyber window so I could curse her out for taking my cyber parking spot and she just asked me out for tea?

It could be a trap. It could be an ambush. She could have a dozen of her humor therapist friends lying in wait to group mock me live on the air. But publicity's publicity so I bit.

And if you'd like to hear me yammer on about Humor & Infertility with Maia Aziz on her weekly show: "Morning Moments with Maia: Conversations of Love and Laughter", please click on. I promise I occasionally let her get in a word edgewise. blogtalkradio.com/maiaaziz

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