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Laughing IS Conceivable: One Woman's Extremely Funny Peek Into The Extremely Unfunny World of Infertility

If infertility took only a week to resolve, we could all cry and freak out for seven days and then goon with our lives. But it doesn't. And whether we have to deal with it for a month or years, it's simply too long to live without laughter. This little book was written by a humor writer and infertility survivor.This is her story of how she navigated through the confusing, anxiety-ridden world of doctors, nurses, butt shots, health insurance, nosy coworkers, inept receptionists, etc. etc. etc. This book is recommended by renowned infertility professionals around the U.S. and abroad. Many use it in their practices to de-stress both their patients and staff as well as to enhance the relationship between the two.


La Risa ES Concebible: Una mirada extremadamente graciosa de una mujer al mundo extremadamente no gracioso de la infertilidad

(Spanish Edition) 

Reseñas de los mejores profesionales de la infertilidad en ”Echa Un Vistazo”. La aventura personal y verdad de una comediante en su camino de la pesadilla lo que se llama la infertilidad.



Forget the celebrities who are “over the moon” in People magazine. This is what it’s REALLY like to get pregnant with, be pregnant with, give birth to, and take care of more than one baby day after day (and night after night). From someone who’s been there. What am I saying? She’s kind of still there.


Laughing IS Conceivable: From End of School to Back-To-School

So, school's over... and...so... now what? Do they go to camp? Even if they do, there's that black hole between when camp ends & school starts. Of course they'll expect me to entertain them...constantly. There's local stuff to do. Fairs & stuff. And then, oh wow look at that... it's Back-to-School time again: Shoe shopping with triplet fourth graders: Six feet to find shoes for that won't be ruined before the first day of school.. & clothes shopping... & dentist appointments... & physicals... & haircuts... Then the dreaded annual scavenger hunt for school supplies (most of which will never get used), meet-the-teachers, carpooling / bus issues.... It's no wonder there's a spike in parental strokes in the weeks before the first day of school.... I mean, there must be. Don't you think?