Mercenary Statement

I know. Most respectable websites have a "Mission Statement". I'll be honest. I usually find them a little stuffy and self-serving. Every company sounds so noble in their mission statement. I wasn't planning on doing one here at all until last week when my normally shy, mild-mannered husband had a run-in with a mechanic. He had been back to them a few times and, not only had the issue still not been resolved, but each time they tried to tell him that another issue had arisen that would cost even more money than what he had already paid. So shy, usually mild-mannered Lloyd decided to read the guy at the desk their own mission statement adding his own commentaries.

"We will fix the vehicle right the first time." "You did not."

"We will provide honest and competent repairs." "You have not."

"We will determine your service expectations and exceed them." "Not even close."

To ensure that nobody would ever throw my "Mission Statement" back in my face, I thought it might be more appropriate for my website to have a "Mercenary Statement" instead. So here goes:

"I, Lori Shandle-Fox, via my Laughing IS Conceivable website, blog, books, & podcast, promise to always work as hard as I can to make you laugh and to de-stress you with humor to help you get through whatever it is you're going through-- especially the things that I've also been through like infertility / IVF, having multiples, raising kids, losing your parents, living below the poverty line, relocating, deteriorating at a dead-end job, anxiety issues, dieting issues-- and if, along the way, you'd like to purchase one or two of my books, I promise not to try to stop you. I pledge that I will price each of my books no higher than $10 USD. They're intended to de-stress people and for the life of me I can't see how a $40 book will do that. In addition, I pledge that nowhere within my website, books, blogs or podcasts will I install subliminal messages such as: "Please buy a book. Buy a book now. I said: 'Buy the damn book!'"