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One woman's extremely funny peek into the extremely unfunny world of infertility

 This little book was written by a humor writer & former stand-up comic while she was in the throes of her own fertility treatments- uncertain of the outcome. It has been read by 1000s of fertility patients and professionals who believe that, even in this overwhelming, emotionally, mentally, financially, & physically draining time in a person's life...


From End of School to Back-to-School

"I love my kids." That is not only a fact, it's a mantra that will be used by millions of us parents over and over again in the coming "panic zone months": That anxiety-ridden span of time in a parent's life that starts when one school year ends and gets increasingly more stressful until the new school year begins... 


Una Mirada Extremadamente Graciosa de Una Mujer, al Mundo Extremadamente No Gracioso de la Infertilidad.

Reseñas de los mejores profesionales de la infertilidad en ”Echa Un Vistazo”. La aventura personal y verdad de una comediante en su camino de la pesadilla lo que se llama la infertilidad.