Having been (according to my driver's license anyway) an adult for some time now, you would think I'd know not to speak to strangers. But that's what I love to do. (At least I stopped going over to men in cars who yell: "Come here! I want to show you something!") I certainly hope my writing speaks to a lot of strangers. I've never understood writers who toil over their work for months or years only to shove it into a drawer to grow old gracefully or not.

Laughing IS Conceivable began not as a book or a blog or a podcast or a website. It began as notes, ramblings really . (Sort of like what I'm doing now.) After having been single for 38 years, I married Lloyd whom I'd met less than a year before. Due to our "advanced" ages (he's exactly 9 days older than I)  and our desire to have kids, I started trying to get pregnant immediately after the wedding. (Take that literally or figuratively. They're both kinda accurate.) A year or so after that we went into a fertility clinic to get some help. So these ramblings that I was jotting down were simply a way to help myself get my bearings- to get a handle on my life --the whirlwind dating, wedding planning, new marriage and now all of the infertility overwhelm dumped on top of it: Blood tests, doctors, nurses, waiting rooms, medication, more medication, more questions, more tests, needles... I couldn't remember half of the instructions they all spewed out at me under the fluorescent lights. Freaking out became a way of life for me.  

Writing had always been my go-to thing. I loved creative writing when I was a kid. Towards the end of college and beyond, I did stand-up comedy and wrote my own material, then some one-woman shows and articles and columns for newspapers. One day, when I was jotting my infertility ramblings I mumbled to myself: "Geez. what do people who don't have years of writing humor do to get through all of this?" I know it sounds like bullshit but that's what I said. I talk to myself a lot. (My dad used to say: "You have to talk to yourself. Some days it's the only intelligent conversation you're going to get.") And that's when the ramblings evolved into my first book.

Everything I write about anywhere within the Laughing IS Conceivable world stems from something I've personally undergone. And, let me say right here: I have the best life. And nothing I write about is catastrophic--- but it all certainly felt catastrophic at the time. I write about infertility, being pregnant with and having multiples, raising kids, relocating, losing your parents, dieting, anxiety disorder, having a (or 23) dead-end job(s), living below the poverty line... All stressful, sometimes traumatic stuff... All normal stuff. All stuff that a huge number of people have gone through and a huge number of people are going through right now and everybody will likely go through at least one or two of them in a lifetime. My goal with Laughing IS Conceivable is to have you-- YOU-- no matter who  you are, where you live, whatever you believe, whatever you don't believe... YOU...visit when you're going through any of the above or have just been through any of the above, or are about to go through any of the above or know someone who's going through any of the above... Or maybe you just like to laugh... In any case, you're invited here to de-stress with humor, to come see things from my slightly warped view for a little while. Our experiences, what we each as human beings have to endure in this life and how we can help each other to come through those times with laughter- This is where we all meet.  I'm fascinated by how much we all have in common with people with whom we have nothing in common. Even in the most trying of times, especially in the most trying of times... Laughing IS Conceivable...and Humor Heals.