My World and Welcome To It



Lori Shandle-Fox is a former stand-up comic who performed in NYC and along the east coast of the U.S. She also had two one-woman shows in NYC. Her humor and non-humor bits and pieces have appeared in: The Washington Post, Newsday, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Carolina Woman, Lilith Magazine and on, and NPR. Her current passion is Laughing IS Conceivable, a book series, blog, and upcoming podcast, dedicated to using her life experiences and humor background to de-stress others going through similar experiences. Lori lives in North Carolina with her husband, Lloyd and their about-to-turn 12 year old triplets. 

30 Things You Don't Know About Me and Probably Just As Soon Not  

I think I enjoy being an open book. It certainly cuts down on the blackmail demands. Without further ado, I present to you… Me.

1) I never complain that my husband is dirty, messy, or lousy at housework. That's mostly because I'm way dirtier, messier and lousier at housework than he could ever hope to be. (I once told him that I did all the laundry together in "warm". I thought his head was going to explode.)

2) I was a daddy's girl. As a result, I'd rather watch football, baseball or hockey than shop. I mainly follow the New York Giants, Mets, & Rangers. I haven't had an easy life.

3) If I ever had to make my signature dish on a cooking show, it would be Stouffer's macaroni and cheese.

4) My favorite shows are Top Chef, Master Chef, Project Runway, Chopped, and Iron Chef Gauntlet. I love to watch people who have enormous talents doing things I have no interest in ever doing myself.   

5) I also love Murder, She Wrote, Columbo and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. but only when she lived in Cabot Cove, the original 1970's series, and when Rhoda and Phyllis were still around, respectively. Also, I  don't always get The Odd Couple reruns where I live, but I still have them memorized from 20 years ago.    

6) Through marriage, I'm somehow related to the Marx Brothers... also the comedy team of Gallagher and Sheen.   

7) I'm one of those people who always said: "I can live anywhere." That was when the only place I had ever lived was New York. Now that I live somewhere else, I realize I can't.

8) I won't kill anything not even a bug which makes me a total hypocrite because I'm not a vegan, vegetarian... nothin'.

9) I love animals but just as soon have them live at somebody else's house. 

10) Writers are always big readers... I'm the exception. I keep reading Agatha Christie books over and over and it usually takes me 6 months to finish it each time. 

11) I'm not-so-secretly gratified that almost everything I do is an embarrassment to my children.

12) I have a BA from NYU in Foreign Languages. I still might use it someday. I just haven't yet in the 32 years since I graduated.   

13) I speak 2 1/2 languages: English, Spanish, & enough French to be the go-to person for French-speaking clients at my last job and more importantly, to competently follow the calls at the French Open tennis tournament on TV.

14) My parents were both very funny in different ways. My mother was very clever. My father was very silly. I was lucky enough to inherit a little from both.

15) I also inherited anxiety and depression from them which I battled with on and off until I was 38.

16) I pretty much have the same tastes I did when I was 5. I still love cartoons, have long conversations with stuffed animals, and don't understand the appeal of magic, juggling, mime, or grapefruit. 

17) I watch Peppa Pig with my Peppa Pig backpack even when my kids aren't home. And when they are home, they just call me "stupid" and walk out of the room. (When they were newborns, I used to take them to the playground then leave them with my husband so I could go on the slide.) 

18) My best friend from high school, Sharon and I still consider each other our best friend even though we speak only every few months and haven't seen each other since my wedding in 2003.

19) When I was doing stand-up I realized that most great comics are better performers than writers and I was the other way around.

20) My proudest moment should probably have something to do with my kids but it was when I pulled a man out of the way of an oncoming cab in midtown Manhattan. 

21) I've never smoked anything... not a cigarette, cigar, pipe, or joint. I've also never had an alcoholic beverage or a cup of coffee. But I've jumped out of a plane. Go figure.

22) I don't like spicy food. I don't know if it has anything to do with my family being from eastern Europe, but I got used to everything being bland-ish.

23) I'm one of those idiots who actually likes to exercise.

24) I've been gaining and losing the same 10 pounds since 1986. 

25) I'm a big believer in universal energy and what my gut tells me.

26) I love Deepak Chopra but can't listen to his voice near a bed or a couch or I'll doze off before he finishes his first sentence. 

27) I've never dyed my hair but think about it more and more these days. 

28) I couldn't wait to be a theater major in college but I transferred out of the department after the first semester and pursued stand-up comedy because I mocked all of my teachers and classes.

29) I eat only healthy foods 6 days a week but don't even think about visiting me on that 7th day unless you've stopped at a drive-thru on the way to my house. 

30) I really do love my husband and kids. I figured I probably should mention that somewhere on this list of 30 things about me.